Have you got Car insurance?

Yes!- Value - $20,000 (Average) (Premium - $1000/year -Approx.)


Why do you have Car insurance?

To fix the car / get money for the value of  the car if it gets damaged or written off?


Have you ever thought What value you put for yourself?


You are unique in this world. No one can replace you!.


Have you ever asked these questions to yourself?


Who will take care of expenses to fix if something happens to you? 

Some say: 'I don't care'


what if you get injured and not able to work?


What if you get unexpected iIlness? or Trauma?


Is there any practical way to manage the risk?


Yes! You can.


Call 0406020211 Now & Ask us how? and  get yourself covered.


No cashflow?


We can show you other options without needing to worry about out of pocket expenses. 


So, No Excuses..


Get Yourself covered ..before it is too late! Call  0406020211 Now!.



We offer phone based as well face to face service!




Call :0406 020 211





Australian Cr Rep # 388096

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