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Development finance or Loans sourced by us, predominantly provides our valued clients the ability to maximize your group’s financial benefit.


Advantages of our Development Loans 
  • No Upfront application fee

  • Less equity contribution

  • Fewer presales,

  • Cross securitization

  • Maximum possible gearing

  • Quick Funding 

  • Competitive interest rate.


At AVM Finance, Development funding  we source includes both traditional finance as well as private construction finance. Our clients primary preference for their projects is the Gross Realisation Funding (GRV Funding) where this type of finance is funded against the end value of the project. This type of facility is designed to reduce our client’s personal investment into the project.

The measure of the company’s success has been attributed to delivering property finance structures that fundamentally meet the three main goals of any successful developer; less equity contribution, less presales, greatest possible gearing against the end value of the project.


For more info, Call 0406 020 211 to talk to our specialist Construction and Development Finance Adviser.

Development Loans Melbourne
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