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Loans For Foreign Investors in  Australia


​Real Estate investment in Australia for Foreign Investors & Australian Expats          


Residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, Gulf countries, UAE, UK,USA, Canada.
(You could get Loans upto 80 % to buy Investment property & student accommodations in Australia)

Australia has survived the global financial crises largely due to the highly regulated banking sector. This highly specialized market requires a thorough working knowledge of Australian and New Zealand foreign investment law and the borrowing policies and preferences of the different banks and lenders.

Australian mortgage brokers accredited to arrange loans are fully regulated by Australian Government.

AVM Finance is fully accredited MFAA approved mortgage broker in Australia.​ ​We pride ourselves as specialized in serving the property buyers from overseas. 

We have access to more than 200 Home loan products from over 40 Australian lenders  to you from all major banks to non bank lenders. If you are planning to buy a property for investment in Australia we can fully coordinate the process from A to Z until the property is purchased. We can organize the property rental and management through the tie up arrangement we have with property management  companies in our panel. We can also put you in touch with Property consultants and solicitors. Our consultants are available to advise you on your overseas buying situation when you consider to invest in Australian properties.

Submit your loan Enquiry form Now. Our accredited consultant will be I touch with you to explain the various steps of the loan process.

IMPORTANT: Note to Overseas Investors:

The term 'non-resident' for lending purposes applies to a person who: Permanently resides out of Australia and is not an Australian citizen. Investment in the Australian property market generally requires pre-approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).   We can help you regarding FIRB approval as well.​

Australian Expats are Australian citizens or permanent residents living and working in overseas countries could get Loans up to 95% of value of property.

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