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AVM Finance are Mortgage / Home Loan brokers in Melbourne who can source following types of Home Loans.

'Few Minutes of your time could save thousands of  Dollars $$ on your Home loan.


New Home loan or Existing mortgage,​  Call 0406020211 Now.

First Home buyers Loan

First Home loans
Are you renting? It may be time to think how you are spending your hard earned money when you could afford to repay the home loan for your own house. Investing in  your own house not only for convenience but could potentially result in much higher financial savings. You need not be at the mercy of your land lord. You can choose what  you want to do or not with your property. You could sublet it as well. You also get first home owners grant  when you buy your first home in Australia. Call us today to find out more?

Low Deposit Loans
Do you have only 5%  for deposit and not enough to cover for stamp duty. We can still get you a home loan up to 98% of the property value through our specialist home loan products based on your suitability.
Contact us now to arrange a Low Deposit Home loan for you.

100% Property Loan

Investment Property Loans
Investment in property is one of the secure way of building your wealth. You may get tax deduction on your income as well when you invest in property. Many people think it needs a large deposit to buy an investment property.  It is not True.

Majority of Property investors in Australia have an income of $60,000. .If you already own a home, you could be eligible to buy an investment property with out any additional deposit.

Talk to us or submit your loan enquiry online to find out if you are eligible?


Submit enquiry to check your eligibility.


Business Loans

If you are a small , medium or large business and need loan to expand your business or cash flow, we can arrange a ash out business loan for you with the residential security .

Call now to discuss .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Low doc Commercial Loans


Specialist Home loans
  • Low doc and Full doc home loans

  • Home loans for Self-employed or small business

  • Home loans for credit impaired




Do you want to save money on your mortgage?

Get a review of your mortgage and could potentially save thousands of dollars on your home loan if your financial situation is suitable.

Loans for Overseas Investors


AVM Finance arranges Investment Home loans for foreign investors purchasing property in Australia and New Zealand. This highly specialized market requires a thorough working knowledge of Australian and New Zealand foreign investment law and the borrowing policies and preferences of the different banks and lenders. As a foreign investor, you are eligible to borrow up to 80% of the value of the property in Australia. We can offer loans in both Australian Dollars . Our expertise helps to bridge the divide between international borrowers and Australian lenders.

We work extensively to help clients from overseas to purchase investment properties in Australia to add to their portfolio and also helping overseas parents to buy investment property or student accommodation in Australia for their children to reside in while they are studying.

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