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No Deposit Home loans

No savings? A family pledge loan facility could help you buy your first home













No Deposit Home loan case study example


Young couple Sam and Kate were keen to start paying off their own home rather than paying rent, but had no savings.

Here’s how they bought their first property.

Sam and Kate Bowen were wondering why they were paying off their landlord’s mortgage instead of their own, but they didn’t have the savings or financial history to convince a lender to give them a mortgage.


After being declined by two lenders, one a big bank and the other a smaller lender that they thought they would have luck with, they contacted AVM Finance,  MFAA Approved credit adviser.

Apart from lack of savings, the couple had a couple of other problems standing between them and a strong application: Sam had recently changed his employment and he had a small, paid default on his credit file.

At their first meeting with their credit adviser, which was held at Sam’s parents’ home, they discussed their needs and objectives, and mulled over whether the only option for them was to create a savings plan in order to purchase at a later date.

“The parents sat in the interview and wanted a solution,” says Sam and Kate’s credit adviser. “It became apparent that a family pledge loan facility may be an option.”

This would involve Sam’s parents offering their home as collateral security.

“However they already had a small interstate mortgage on their property, so a refinance of this loan was required,” their credit adviser explains.

After seeking their own legal advice, Sam’s parents refinanced through Sam and Kate’s credit adviser at a lower interest rate. As well as being able to deal with a local credit adviser, they also eliminated fees they had been paying by moving onto a more appropriate loan type for their situation.

“The family pledge loan facility meant Sam and Kate could borrow the full purchase price and other associated costs, without paying a $25,000 lenders’ mortgage insurance premium,” says their credit adviser.


“Sam and Kate are now out of their rental, and have moved into their new home.”



*Clients’ names have been changed.

No Cash Deposit home loans
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