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Guide to Home loan Process


Every person seeking a home loan has to undergo a number of steps from start to settlement.


Understanding what happens in each step can help you prepare for the process.


How to Prepare to get your Home loan

  • Know your finances and budget inside and out and prepare a list of your assets.

  • Advise how much money you are seeking to borrow and outline your finances and personal details.

  • Contact our credit adviser to schedule an appointment to meet.

  • Determine what documents you need to bring to the meeting and keep them ready at the meeting .

The more information you can provide your mortgage provider in this step the more prepared they are for your


Loan Appointment

  • Meet the Credit adviser and explain your loan requirements.

  • Provide the credit adviser the information he require to assess your loan & sign the privacy disclosure.

  • The credit adviser will provide loan options to you and suggest the features of the recommeded product.

  • Ask your credit adviser before you choose a loan producst and sign the application.


Loan Application Process

Our credit adviser will 

  • Review the application, check details and complete any missing information.

  • Attach supporting documents.

  • Complete a serviceability sheet to outline your ability to pay back the loan.

  • Submit the application onto the lender.

  • The lenders assessor will assess the application based on support documents and application details.

  • Lenders will either approve or decline the loan and may need some additional information .

  • Provide your credit adviser with additional information if required.

  • Credit Adviser will forward the loan approval letter issued by the Lender after assessment .

Letter of Offer

  • Once your loan is formally approved, the lender will send loan documents which outlines the terms,

      conditions and costs of the loan along with letter of offer. 

  • You can read check the loan and other details before sign them .

      It is a legal docuent and once signed, it becomes the credit contract.

  • If okay, sign it and send it back to the lender so their solicitors can proceed to settlement.

  •  Mortgage Documents

  • Sent with the Letter of Offer, they outline the agreement between the lender, borrower and the Office of State Revenue.

  • The details of the mortgage are recorded on the Certificate of Title along with the name of the borrower/owner and the

       mortgage lender. This process will be managed between the lender and your solicitor.


  • Upon receipt and verification of mortgage document, lender's settlement team will advice your conveyancer /solicitor to book the

       settlement for the property.

  • You conveyancer will calculate the amount required to settle the property and inform you how much money  has to be paid

       on before settlement (this is called Shortfall ). You have to arrange this money for the settlement to occur.

  • Settlement occurs when the loan funds are drawn down to pay for the remainder of the property and the relevant costs to

       the Vendor.The settlement will be managed between the lender's solicitors and your conveynacer/soclicitor.

  • Once the settlment is effected, your conveyancer will let you  know that settlement has been completed.



  • Arrange to get the keys from the real estate agent and celebrate!

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