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Life Insurance 

Protect your loved ones with Life Cover

Life Cover will give your loved ones peace of mind and financial security should you pass away.


A lump sum benefit from Life Cover could help cover the costs of education, mortgages and car payments if something were to happen and you were no longer around to provide for your family. Even if you’re not the breadwinner, a benefit could be put towards the substantial costs of everyday life such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and childcare, especially if you have a young family.


Insurance company will pay your chosen benefit as a quick lump sum cash payment to your beneficiaries if you pass away or become terminally ill.


I’m healthy, so why would I need life insurance now?

Life is unpredictable — we never know what lies around the corner. If you wait to get life insurance until your health starts to fail, you’re likely to find it expensive and hard to get. Also by getting life insurance early, you can make sure your loved ones are left financially secure if you unexpectedly pass away.

Once your Family Life Cover is in place, you can keep it for life, and we guarantee to renew your Policy, as long as you continue to pay your premiums, even if your health, occupation or pastimes change.


Isn’t cover like this expensive?

Many of our customers are surprised at the affordability of this important cover. Premiums start at just $1.46 a week for $100,000 in cover (based on standard rate for a female non-smoker aged between 18 and 34).


Request a Quote and see for yourself how affordable Life Cover can be for you, or call us on 0406020211 to find out more.



Payment Options for Life & TPD Cover

  • Annual or monthly premiums through direct debit

  • Can be paid through your existing superfund annually.


All the information provided in the website are general only. Refer Product disclosure document (PDS) for accurate information.


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